About Tuning Element

From his time as a young child, Sean Martinez, founder of Tuning Element, was fascinated when watching his father work with precious stones.  He was intrigued, learning by his father how gemstones were made through tremendous heat and pressure deep inside the earth. His father sold these stones, as well as many other items at gem and jewelry trade shows across the United States.  Sean learned early on how to use his passion for sales so he joined his father for a time on the trade-show circuit.  Soon, wanting to venture out on his own Sean at 19 spent some time in China, where he studied the Chinese language expecting to do business.  As time went on, he tasted feast and famine in business while learning extensively about life purpose. Through difficult times, he volunteered in ministry that led to his lifelong dream to help people.  

It was then that he began to be fascinated with frequencies and how they worked on the human body. He continued to research, and in time found several practitioners who were also studying the range of frequencies and their impact on our own bodies among them a physicist in Germany, Albert Fritz-Popp, who was a big inspiration to Tuning Element’s evolution to today.  Sean knew the revolutionary science-based technology could bring a new level of wellness to the masses. Thus…after 2 years of detailed research in May of 2010, Tuning Element LLC was born.

Meet Sean Martinez

Sean knew a unique logo was needed that would symbolize the science the company was based on….Behold the design of two tuning forks overlaying each other, symbolizing the action of sympathetic resonance taking place when a person wears our innovative technology. 

From its beginnings in a kiosk in the Ozarks to expanding into company stores in Taiwan Sean has taken Tuning Element’s Technology onto the global stage but it was no easy feat. Sean’s’ wife Ruby wasn’t convinced her husband’s passion was well placed. She was not interested in attempting to sell what she could not see. It wasn’t until Ruby became sick and experienced the effects of this for herself. She tried the Tuning Element bracelet and had her own results – now she’s a believer and a powerhouse with the company. Ruby leveraged her years of sales experience to the streets, demonstrating on the sidewalk the power of the products to potential customers.  She now leads the sales/distribution/and financial aspects of the company.Ruby wasn’t the only one catching the vision. Dr. Srbislav N. Brasovan, MD, tried one of



Sean’s products, for a backache after coming in contact with the product while on a visit to Branson, MO in 2014.   Dr. Brasovan had tried numerous remedies, from Western and Eastern medical disciplines and wasn’t able to find relief.   One night after trying the patches, Dr. Brasovan experienced almost 100% result and contacted Sean. Over a period of months, the doctor encouraged Sean to pursue further research with universities and professional organizations. 

The result….successful studies with Missouri State University, AMALNA Consulting and a published study in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Journal of Transactions on Nano Bio-science. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. “This study puts Tuning Element technology on the map globally,” Dr. Brasovan said. “A study of this magnitude shows scientific proof of the effectiveness of our technology.”

Dr. Brasovan, now the director of research and development for TE technology, began using the 5 Minute Patch on his patients and found that patients were able to reduce their need for medication when using the patch after surgery and recover faster. Dr. Brasovan continues to work to bring new products to market in the areas of hydration, sleep, and wellness.

People around the world have caught our vision and through their continued use of the products are catapulting Tuning Element to new heights within the wellness industry.  With over 40 products at present, the company continues to propel forward with new innovations.   2018 will prove to be the biggest year yet for Tuning Element with the expansion into the country of Taiwan, and the doubling of nationwide Independent Dealers.  We thank you for considering Tuning Element products and wish you your best wellness!

Meet Machelle and Kevin Lee

Being very physical, both in our work and play, we had both come to the point in our lives where we had to find something fast that worked to ease some of the discomfort we experienced on a daily basis. We both had been fairly rough on our bodies in our younger years and age wasn't helping any. We both had back issues from all the physical labor, had issues straightening our elbows, I had severe knee issues and was diagnosed with arthritis in my joints, Kevin had arthritis in his hands to the point his fingers were starting to draw up. Neither of us like putting chemicals in our bodies and I was to the point where I had to basically live off BC Powders just to function each day. Kevin was close behind me. I had already tried using Copper, Magnets, tens units, and was a regular chiropractor patient. One day while in Branson,Missouri we came across Tuning Element. While the lady couldn't guarantee complete relief, she did say that other customers had experienced quite a bit of relief after they wore the products. We were skeptics, but decided to try anyway. She was right!! In my book it was well worth every penny. We started off with Level 3. We both now have Level 4s and I just recently upgraded to a Level 5.Finally, after years of not being able to lift my arm above my head, I can now almost lift it straight up!!! That is a miracle as far as I am concerned.  


We started telling our friends and family about our experiences with the product and after 5 years of using the product we decided to become a Tuning Element Authorized Dealer. And with that, maks E tune was created!! Our goal is to spread the relief!! There are so many who are in the same boat we were and who don't want to take all the pills or get all the surgeries to get a "possibility" of relief. We know from experience, this works!!! We may not know all the science behind it, but we know it works!! If we can just help a few with more energy, more clarity, less pain, and a natural solution for healthy living, we have achieved our goal!!

We are so looking forward to the years ahead of meeting new people, sharing our stories, and helping others find relief!! And, we are super excited that we are able to also help our most loyal friends!! Our pets!! They have such unconditional love for us and I am so glad that we can now offer them a better life!! And it's all natural!! 

So take a moment, look over the products, drop us a line, give us a call, or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!! We would love to hear from you and listen to what your experiences are after using the products!!


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