The Sleep Necklace


8 Years In The Making, The First Tuning Element Product Designed to Support Sleep


Tuning Elements Research & Development team made a breakthrough after eight years of blending frequencies for sleep. Today we have our first sleep product designed to support sleep, the Tuning Element Sleep Necklace. Customers report deeper sleep, more refreshing sleep, help with jetlag and insomnia. Most people begin to notice better sleep by the third night of wearing their Sleep Necklace, while others have a breakthrough result after their first week of wearing the Sleep Necklace.


Sleep like a baby again. Enjoy deeper and more restful sleep with the Sleep Necklace’s natural frequencies that support melatonin production, circadian rhythm and sleep processes in your body. Whether you just want better sleep to have more energy during the day or to help you minimize jet-lag while traveling, the Sleep Necklace is a must for your sleep routine! The Sleep Necklace is the easiest to use natural sleep aid on the market with no side effects.

Our scientists created a blend of supportive bio-frequencies that can support your body’s sleep functions and cycle. The Sleep Necklace is made of high-quality Surgical Stainless Steel and features a proprietary blend of beneficial frequencies that support the Human Biofield. We’re already receiving great customer feedback on how it is improving their lives.

“I’ve still had rough nights but I’m still sleeping way better than I was without the necklace. You have helped me so tremendously. Thank you.”

Nenah Sylver, PhD

Author, The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health


Recommended Use

Put the Sleep Necklace on 30 minutes before bedtime. You do not need to take off any of your Tuning Element products that you normally wear. In the morning remove the Sleep Necklace. And at 28 inches long, it conveniently slips on and off without having to unclasp it. 


Tips: Give yourself the recommend time to sleep for your age according to the National Sleep Foundation ( In addition, proper hydration is recommended for wellness and best results with Tuning Element products.


Daily Quality Sleep Is As Important as Exercise

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is as important as getting enough exercise each day. That makes catching enough ZZZ’s pretty powerful. Tuning Element is all about helping you live the best life through health and healing. Tuning Element uses scientific methods of getting your body in its optimum state to do just that… heal and repair. However, if you’re not doing your part to help your body use the Tuning Element benefits you’re missing out on the complete effects. To prove how important sleep is your health and healing we wanted to share this article from the National Sleep Foundation.

While you’re off in dreamland, your brain and other body parts keep busy.

When you watch people sleep, they look peaceful. Their eyes are closed. Their breathing is slow. They make no sounds or movements. But you may be surprised to learn that underneath that calm exterior, the brain and other body parts are hard at work.


How You Fall Asleep

The simple act of falling asleep starts on the molecular level with something called a neurotransmitter—a chemical that acts on neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to tell your body whether it should be asleep or awake. The neurons, in turn, switch off the signals that help keep you awake.


Stages of Sleep

Once the neurons have told your body that it’s time to go to sleep, you’ll pass through stages one through four of sleep, as well as REM (rapid eye moment) sleep.


Clearing Out Waste

Your brain is truly on overdrive during sleep, as it is working to clear itself of toxic byproducts that naturally accumulate throughout the day. Many neurological diseases are associated with a lack of sleep, perhaps because when you don’t get your zzz’s, your brain doesn’t have this chance to cleanse itself.


Cooling Down

One of the main functions of sleep is to conserve energy. That’s why your body temperature lowers by as much as 10 percent while you’re in dreamland.


Repairing Muscle

While you sleep, your body releases growth hormones that work to rebuild muscles and joints that may have been stressed during a workout or day-to-day activities. The more sleep you get, the better equipped your body will be to repair itself.


Breathing Slowly

When you’re awake, your breathing patterns vary greatly. You’ll breathe faster when excited and harder while exercising, for example. But during sleep, your breathing slows down and becomes very regular.


Reducing Heart Rate

One body part that gets a break during sleep is your heart. Your ticker works hard during the day, so at night during non-REM sleep, it takes some pressure off itself by reducing heart rate, as well as blood pressure.



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