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Winona Rousey

I suffered from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and from the normal aches and pains on top of that. I really didn't want to rely on pain meds to function. My daughter told me I definitely needed to purchase a Tuning Element necklace. I did and am sure glad I did. Now I have hardly any aches or pains. I hardly even remember how badly I hurt before and am very glad I don't. I actually get to exercise and walk a mile every day with no issues. Life is definitely better with Tuning Element products. I wont be without mine for long for sure.

Pat Kirk

I received my Tuning Element Bracelet (Level 1) as a Christmas present over a year ago. It has held up through everything including pipeline right of way work. Its a bit hard to take off, but I don't really want to take it off so that's good. After wearing it for a couple of weeks, I felt very content and had an "uplifting" feeling. I love it! It looks great, it's durable, it's comfortable. You will love it too!!

Josh Delcomyn

Hello, I am an authorized dealer for Tuning Element. My story started many years ago with constant abuse to my body and I have, by now, definitely paid for it. I was living off BC Powders. I had a stash in every vehicle, tractor, 4 wheeler, and purse. I wasn't old enough to be walking around like an old lady, yet there I was, barely able to get out of bed and many times I would have to have help getting out of my truck because my back or knee had locked up and I couldn't even stand up. I used a weed eater a lot and by the end of the day I couldn't even straighten my arm.I couldn't lift my arm past my head without excruciating pain in my shoulders. My knee has a huge swollen mass on the back of it which is very painful and walking on it is painful. I used to love riding horses, but now after 10 minutes, it feels as if someone is sticking a red hot stake into my knee and I can barely stand on it. I have tried religiously going to the chiropractor, the magnets, the TENS units, the Copper sleeves and bracelets and nothing really seemed to work. The chiropractor was the best, but I never seemed to stay "in line" long enough to get real relief. I found Tuning Element and bought a Level 3 bracelet, The Armet, and the Aqua Tune Water Bottle. After sleeping with the Armet on, I noticed I didn't hurt as bad as I got out of bed. At some point, a few weeks later, I came across my stash of BC Powders and realized I hadn't been taking my daily doses. If I hadn't written down all the issues I was having, I probably would have forgotten what all actually hurt and how bad it hurt. I am now up to Level 5 and shockingly enough, I can for the first time in years lift my arm straight up in the air!! Sounds simple enough till you can't do it anymore. Having full range of motion in my arms is beyond wonderful. My knee only catches every now and then. I haven't gotten back up on a horse yet, a little nervous to do that. But as soon as I get up the courage, I will let you know!!! I decided to become a dealer because I see so many people hurting like I did. When I tell them about the Tuning Element products, I am shocked to hear just how many people haven't heard about these products. I have decided it is my mission to spread the word so that my fellow family and friends can learn about this little secret and finally be able to live life like they used to!! Life is too short to be miserable and watching life pass you by as you sit on the sidelines suffering.

maks E tune

Machelle Lee

I was down in my back, could barely straighten my fingers, and had issues straightening my arms due to arthritis and years of hard physical labor. I was on the verge of going to the Doctor for pain management. I stumbled onto Tuning Element. I was skeptical but decided to keep an open mind and see what happened. I started off with a Level 3 necklace, The Cortex. When I got up the next morning, I was surprised to find I didn't hurt as I got up. I thought it might be a fluke, but the next day and the next day it was still working! Every day I seemed to get better and better!! Now, 5 years later, I have very little pain and I can totally straighten my fingers and my arms bend and straighten without pain!! I have since upgraded to Level 4 and am thinking of upgrading to a Level 5. I know it works and that is all that matters to me. As of now, it doesn't matter the price, the relief is worth every penny and more!!

Maks Pipeline Maintenance

Kevin Lee


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